The traditional signing-in book is an archaic system for knowing who’s on site. There are many opportunities for information to be wrong or missing.

Winvic’s HSEQ Director had previous knowledge of biometric scanners from the Birmingham New Street project, but didn’t have confidence in their accuracy or consistency.

Winvic needed a new solution to improve workforce management and health & safety on site.


Biosite’s biometric Access Control and Workforce Management system was identified for its proven accuracy and reliability, using their unique fingerprint scanning technology, developed specifically for the low quality fingerprints in the construction sector.

The Biosite system captures a wide range of data, allowing for individual traceability of:

  • Time-in-attendance
  • Health & safety accreditation
  • Training records
  • Workers’ proximity to site

Winvic trialled the Biosite system on their Primark Warehouse project in Northamptonshire.

Biosite trained Winvic’s HSEQ team initially and they also trained new users on site.


Winvic now uses the system on all sites in four different ways:

  • At its head office in Northampton a fingerprint scanner is located at either side of the main door for entry in and out
  • On other sites, between one and four turnstiles and scanners are used
  • When site entrances have to change locations throughout a project, a tablet with a fingerprint reader or a mobile turnstile is used
  • On vast sites such as East Midlands Gateway just a tablet is used.

Winvic also uses the fingerprint scanner in conjunction with the site hazard boards, to ensure all information has been read before being allowed on site.

Biosite’s wireless EN54 Fire Alarm and First Aid Call points were implemented, to ensure efficient evacuation of sites, or access for emergency vehicles.


The Biosite system is fully digital and allows data to be created and analysed from a range sources.

A comprehensive profile and movements of each person are easily accessible online.

Inductions can take place online, before a worker arrives on-site, meaning their first day starts quickly.

The barred and suspended online disciplinary system creates a reliable method of exclusion across all Winvic sites.

The initial trial was so successful, the technology has now been rolled out across all Winvic sites, and they continue to work in partnership with Biosite on future developments.

In the first two years over 25,000 people have used the system within Winvic.