QA Analyst

QA Analyst

A QA analyst at Biosite is a key member of the software team – focusing on designing and developing test cases in order to support and promote agile development practices. A QA analyst needs strong product knowledge, and a willingness to work with their team, our designers, our product owners, and (where necessary) our customers to make sure we are delivering working software that delights our customers.

You will need
– ISTQB/ISEB qualification is a plus
– At least 1 years commercial testing experience.

– Familiarity with Selenium or other automated testing frameworks.
– Basic SQL skills.

As a QA analyst you will be expected to:
– Develop requirements in collaboration with your team and our product owners.
– Design test cases for new features and products.
– Execute manual tests to test requirements, and cover the test cases in each ticket
– Complete release candidate (RC) testing each sprint
– Develop new automated tests.

– Review and approve others’ tests, identifying potential problems or maintenance issues.

– Participate in planning and retrospective meetings, asking appropriate questions, and suggesting ways we can improve our process.
– Collaborate with our product owners to ensure features deliver maximum value.
– Collaborate with QA teams to share best practice and train other QA’s on new skills learnt / new product knowledge gained
– Promote Agile values, especially in the context of test automation.

– Learn about our products and technologies.
– Learn about other potentially useful new testing methodologies.

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Image credit / Pexels – ThisIsEngineering