Biosite offers a range of hand sanitiser solutions to meet the needs of each site. From automatic hand sanitiser dispenser systems linked to access control to monitor safe site entry, to portable ‘pop up’ stations for areas where hand washing facilities are not available, there is a solution suitable for set up.

Freestanding Automatic Hand Sanitiser Unit

An intelligent solution for advanced site hygiene integration with access control. Entry to site is only permitted once an operative triggers hand sanitiser dispersal, with a simple red light / green light system to indicate approved entry.

• Operatives cannot gain access to site without hand sanitiser unit activation

• Operatives place both hands in dispenser cavity before sanitiser liquid sprays

upwards and downwards for even distribution

• Notification process when hand sanitiser liquid refill is required

• Hand sanitiser liquid comes in 5L bottle, with a 5L waste bottles

• Refill QR code feature for simple reordering of hand sanitiser liquid

Wall mounted Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

A cost-effective, space-saving alternative for operative hand sanitisation linked to access control. The compact dispenser can be mounted to existing access hardware and operates via a sensor system to trigger hand sanitiser gel release.

• Easily integrated with access control systems

• Reservoir dispenser for easy refilling (1L capacity)

• Refill QR code feature for simple reordering of hand sanitiser gel

Portable Hand Sanitiser Station - Supporting the Lighthouse Club

For areas on site where hand washing facilities are not available or practical to install, Biosite’s Hand Sanitiser Station provides a convenient, ‘pop up’ solution.

Biosite has pledged to donate 10% of sales of the Hand Sanitiser Station and any refills to the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity’s crisis appeal. You can read more about our partnership here.

• Each station comes with two 1L hand sanitiser gel reservoir dispensers that can be easily refilled

• Each station is rebranded with your company logo for clear visibility on site

• Features usage and safety information and hand gel application instructions

Covid-19 Response Solutions

From workforce management and access control tools to hygiene systems and training support, our COVID-19 Response Solutions range has been developed to help keep sites safe.

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