The role of workforce management systems in a COVID-19 world

In the initial aftermath of COVID-19, the Construction Leadership Council (CLC) and government issued site safety guidance recommending the disablement of entry systems – specifically highlighting fingerprint readers.

We felt strongly that the full capabilities of workforce management systems on site – both in respect to and outside the remit of managing COVID-19 transmission risk – were not fully understood and reflected in guidance. So, we engaged with both the CLC and government to share our point of view and insight on just what workforce management systems are capable of.

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Supporting the construction industry through COVID-19

Construction is fighting its battle against COVID-19. Amidst extreme pressure, high expectations and some criticism in the early days, the industry has shown it can be agile and responsive when adapting to new ways of working. Without clapping. Without complaint. With resilience. But it is a challenge. There is a lot to juggle. Keeping sites running safely is a team effort. That’s why we’re standing side-by-side with the industry to help win this fight. We support construction.

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COVID-19 Response Solutions

Since the onset of COVID-19, as a company we have been extremely proactive and responsive, with the specific aim of supporting our customers in construction. We have been working tirelessly to provide what we believe are the best – and most flexible – solutions.

In fact, we have developed a whole new range of solutions to respond to the challenges of COVID, to help keep sites running, safely. The COVID-19 Response Solutions portfolio has been developed to make it easier to comply with site safety guidance and to provide reassurance on the ground.

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Why there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution to COVID-19 for construction

Our response to COVID-19 has consistently been that there is no silver bullet – unfortunately. But what we can do is respond effectively to the challenges posed by COVID-19 by deploying practical tactics and solutions, in an effort to make our working environments as safe as possible and mitigate transmission risks.

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COVID-19 and the digital era of construction

In our latest video series on the role of technology in construction, our Commercial Director, Mike Bryant, discusses the impact of COVID-19 and a potential shift in perspective on the utilisation of technology-enabled solutions.

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You can find our COVID-19 Risk Assessment here.