PLENDI by Vinci Construction use Biosite’s wireless fire alarm system


PLENDI has chosen to use Biosite’s wireless fire alarm system to protect its workforce and assets during a major refurbishment.

PLENDI by Vinci Construction is refurbishing a multi-storey building in an elite area of Paris near the Champs Elysées. The project will convert the site into a brand-new high-end hotel.

As with any construction site, health and safety is of primary concern, so PLENDI by Vinci Construction chose to use Biosite’s products to help maximise safety and security on site. Biosite provides access control and temporary fire alarm solutions specifically designed for construction sites.

The fifteen-storey building is being refurbished over a two year period and so a reliable safety solution was needed that could support the site for the duration of the build.

Biosite’s wireless fire alarm offered numerous benefits, such as:

  • Automatic fire detection and call points associated to one base station
  • Call points on trolleys at each staircase
  • Wireless coverage from underground car parks to the rest of construction site and welfare cabins at the same time
  • There was the option to zone the building separately if needed
  • It was all installed and set up in two days
  • Ability to use PLENDI by Vinci Construction’s own fire extinguishers on Biosite trolleys that are branded with signage provided

A wired solution would have cost up to three times the price due to the different phases of the project. Using this wireless solution means all they had to do is move the fire trolleys where they were needed, as the project develops.

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Improved workforce management and safety for Careys


“We chose Biosite for our access control and emergency management because of its integrated approach. Placing all functions on one portal makes management and review of the system easily accessible whilst the integration gives us confidence in our security and emergency arrangements”




As the Principal Contractor, Careys needed a single supplier to provide an easy-to-use, integrated system including:

  • Access control, to prevent unauthorised operatives on site
  • Online reporting portal
  • A reliable, hassle-free fire alarm solution
  • A comprehensive and configurable delivery management system (DMS).

Operating in a challenging central London location, the successful supplier would need to have the ability to tailor their solution, adapting it to the local environment, in terms of aesthetics and deliveries.

By choosing the right system, Careys would be able to dramatically reduce the excessive levels of paperwork and improve health and safety on site.



Biosite firstly understood the needs of Careys and gave a full demonstration of their system’s capabilities to a working group including the health and safety and project management teams.

Following a rigorous process, Biosite’s range of products were chosen, as they achieved everything that Careys had stipulated and more, as well as an accurate financial proposal.

Biosite’s experience on similar projects allowed them to show how Carey’s specific challenges could be overcome.

The Biosite system was chosen due to the usability and integrated nature of the solutions, with all the separate components working seamlessly within one system, all linked by the unique ‘one person, one profile’ biometric fingerprint technology.



Biosite provided its biometric access control and delivery management system, with integrated fire alarm and online fire portal to aid and improve health & safety on site.

A joint on site working group carried out a number of pre-start sessions to ensure a smooth implementation of site set-up, data capture and configuration, this was followed up with on site training on each area of the integrated system.

A delivery management solution was tailored to Careys, taking into account local challenges.

Biosite’s EN54 certified wireless fire and first aid alarm was installed and configured to the project needs via specified zoning and remote reporting from the Biosite portal. Careys can be confident the system is fully functioning due to the automatic integrity check.

Following this successful implementation, Careys have now deployed Biosite technology on it’s other ‘top-down’ projects.



Biosite’s integrated system ensures only the people with the right credentials are on site.

GDPR compliance with Biosite’s unique biometric user profiling and de-duplication of operative records. An operative’s unique profile and history stays with them throughout their time with Careys.

Biosite is future-ready with its open API, enabling direct integration with existing systems used at Carey Group to generate insight into their workforce.

Careys have the option to carry out pre-enrolment checks and registration off site.

Configurable site data on media screens will display operatives on site – by organisation and trade.

Trusted fire alarm system allows for quick, flawless evacuation with automatic printing of roll call and free spin of the turnstiles.


“It’s been a pleasure working with Michael and the Careys team. From understanding their challenges, to helping them develop an end-to-end workforce management and fire safety solution to keep their staff safer.”


The Right to Work on Your Site


Over the past couple of years, Brexit has stirred up much debate about the level of non-UK workers in the construction industry. It’s clear that there are many migrants working in roles across the breadth of the industry, but what is not clear is how many of them really have the right to work in the UK and how this can be properly managed.

In 2017, the CITB worked with IFF Research and the Institute of Employment Research (IER) at the University of Warwick to produce a comprehensive study of the role of non-UK workers in construction. What they found was that 1 in 3 construction firms take on migrant workers. Of these firms, 1 in 8 of their workforce are not UK nationals, with this rising to about 1 in 2 within London.

Skills shortages and availability were cited as the top reasons for taking on international workers. This is even more significant considering that earlier this year skills shortages in the UK were reported as hitting the worst recorded level. It appears there is a desperate need for skilled people to come into the country and take up these roles, but this leaves the question of how to properly manage it. Something that is absolutely vital.

The penalties for employing illegal workers can be severe. The government states that “you can be sent to jail for 5 years and pay an unlimited fine if you’re found guilty of employing someone who you knew or had ‘reasonable cause to believe’ didn’t have the right to work in the UK.” Therefore checking workforces is imperative and those in charge need to be able to demonstrate that such checks took place.

However, many find this easier said than done. Construction companies have numerous workers across multiple sites at any given time which can make tracking people very difficult.

This is where a product like Biosite’s workforce management system can really help. Before an operative even gets to site, they are asked to register online. This will capture all their details and will then be matched with their fingerprint to ensure a totally unique record is created.

Alongside CSCS card checks, health and safety screening and inputting details of training, operatives also need to state that they have the right to work in the UK. All the answers to these questions will then follow that operative throughout the entire time that they work at a particular company, irrelevant of how many different sites they may travel to. If they try to create a new profile with alternative details it will be flagged up the second the fingerprint is matched, meaning duplication is truly eliminated.

With no confusion over profiles, a genuine unique match and clear data input, construction companies can have peace of mind that those who are working on their sites should definitely be there. It is also very easy to prove that these checks were made, by whom and on what date through the in-built reporting tools.

Furthermore, all these checks are done before an operative even leaves their home to start working on the site. This means the time wasted going over such details on site is no longer a problem.

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Biosite Systems listed on Sunday Times Tech Track 100


Biosite Systems have been identified as one of the fastest growing technology companies in the UK, by being listed on the prestigious Sunday Times Tech Track 100.

Biosite are placed 61st on the list, announced on the 9th September. The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 league table ranks Britain’s 100 private tech companies with the fastest-growing sales over the last three years.
This recognition comes as the business continues to develop innovative technology solutions to improve workforce management and fire safety on construction sites.

The company’s biometric access control system with linked reporting portal, and wireless fire alarm are designed specifically for the construction sector. They are both helping to address the ever-increasing compliance and safety challenges in the industry.

Li Wang, managing director of Biosite, said: “This inclusion in Tech Track is down to the vision, commitment and hard work that all our staff have shown over the previous eight years. This has allowed us to continually improve our technology, helping us have a positive impact on safety for those working in the construction industry.

“I would also like to thank all our customers who have supported us on the journey so far – this result would not be possible without their input and loyalty.”

Biosite on the BBC


In the spring, the BBC contacted us saying they were looking for a fingerprint scanner for a scene in their daytime TV Drama ‘Doctors’ and could we help. At Biosite we provide a state of the art biometric access control product and so we had just what they needed.

One of our engineering team took one of our scanners down to their set, not too far from our office. It was used to film a family having their fingerprints taken by a police officer. So a bit different to the real life use of our products on construction sites, but it still worked really well.

The episode was aired on Monday 3rd September. The Carter family were questioned at the police station and Biosite’s workforce management system was used to scan their fingerprints individually. The Biosite logo could be clearly seen throughout the fairly long scene and it was great that the ease and speed of system was so visually apparent. We were delighted.

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