Backed by the global leader in access solutions, ASSA ABLOY, Biosite solutions have been developed for construction to support sites and put them in control of workforce management, fire safety and security.

Biosite solutions utilise the latest technology and are developed and maintained in-house, with dedicated R&D (software and hardware), installation, service and support teams on hand to deliver the best customer experience.


Less site admin time - Pre-enrol and verify operatives before they arrive on site with online induction.

100% accuracy at enrolment - Unique 'one person, one profile' deduplication feature for effective operative enrolment and site access.

Effective competency management - Ensure operatives are qualified and establish a digital record of information.

Improved workforce safety - Integrated wireless fire alarm and access control systems enhance workforce safety with automatic roll call and turnstile free spin.

Real-time reporting & insight - Make more informed decisions using live workforce data, displayed at site and group level.

Best practice fire safety - Fully EN54-certified wireless fire alarm and first aim system developed for construction.

Delivery management and BREEAM reporting- Schedule and manage supplier deliveries to site and generate C02 emissions data to support BREEAM reporting.

Improved site security - SIA accredited manned guarding and remote CCTV monitoring, 24/7/365.

Unique biometric algorithm developed to respond to the low-quality fingerprints found in construction. Accurate, secure and delivers 100% accuracy at enrolment.

Biosite Facial Recognition - An effective, contactless biometric alternative for construction sites.

Tailored access control solutions for all types of site. From turnstiles for fixed access points, to Time & Attendance Boards and mobile-based solutions for linear and smaller sites.

Configurable software & reporting- From site and role-based online induction software for pre-enrolment, to site access permissions, required competencies and a range of real-time data reports.

Fully EN54 certified temporary wireless fire alarm system that integrates with Biosite's access control. Featuring an automatic integrity check, zoning function and three-year battery life.

In-house software and hardware development for quality control and durability, with dedicated installation, service and support teams to deliver the best customer experience.

Focus on quality, durability and sustainability with hardware warranty and asset management service. Make best use of assets across sites to minimise waste and maximise whole life value.

Ranked in the top 7% of SIA accredited site security providers

Biometric site access control

Monitor operative temperature and control site access with a facial detection device linked to entry systems. Any operative with a high temperature will be denied access to site and logged for traceability.

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Online Induction

Reduce face-to-face safety briefings and enrolments on site with trackable online inductions that can be completed off site, in advance.

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Competency Management

The Mosaic Mobile Competency system provides a flexible solution that allows you to check your workforce has the correct skills, in real time. The system is designed to manage a highly transient workforce on a large perimeter site or linear project with multiple sites, where it’s not possible to have a fixed access point.

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Temporary wireless fire alarms

Biosite’s market-leading Wireless Fire Alarm system is the only fully EN54 certified system available with an automatic integrity check and zoning function, designed and manufactured in the UK.

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Site security and CCTV

Biosite offers a nationwide network of fully licensed, SIA-approved manned guarding and support solutions for the construction industry – with the added benefit of safeguarding the performance of Biosite systems in use. Providing the ultimate peace of mind.

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Delivery Management

Effectively monitor and manage all site deliveries via a central online system as well as tracking CO2 emissions data for carbon / BREEAM reporting.

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Case Study: Construction site induction example: McLaren Construction

“There are many demands on a Site Manager’s time and Biosite technology means they have confidence that the induction process is taken care of, with operative information captured and stored securely online, with all skills and qualifications checked and verified. Information is available at the click of a button rather than in a paper file locked away, so they know who is on site, in real time.”

Shane Hallam, Divisional Head of Health and Safety at McLaren Construction Ltd


With McLaren Construction Ltd (McLaren) completing around 13,000 construction site inductions for operatives each year they decided to look into improving induction efficiency and compliance, as their manual and paper-driven process was proving unsustainable.

Biosite’s innovative Online Induction technology transformed the operative induction process with an automated and digital solution, which is operative-led and checked and verified in advance.

McLaren’s company inductions last for three years, which means operatives were often left repeating the induction each time they work on a new site. The business knew that a digital process would not only improve efficiency, but also provide approved operatives with an induction code that they can use to share their verified profile data across sites.


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